Monday, March 12, 2012

New Zealand - Food & flat whites

As we sat down for our first meal in New Zealand (brunch at Cafe Melba in Auckland) Josh ordered something that made me think he was speaking another language. When the waitress took our drink order, he asked for a flat white. Ever the trip planner/researcher he knew this was how Kiwis ordered their latte-like coffee.

 A flat white is prepared like a latte - with espresso and milk. The key difference is the ratio of milk and espresso. The flat white has less milk than a latte and usually a bit less foam on top. It put my last Starbucks latte to shame.

The amazing meal that accompanied my first flat white was the mouth-watering smoked salmon hash topped with a hollandaise-drenched poached egg (below).

Breakfast/brunch is easily my favourite meal of the are two more amazing dishes I devoured:

 Smoked salmon potato rosti at Beach Babylon

Brioche French toast with cinnamon & orange, caramelized apple, bacon & maple Vudu Cafe, Queenstown. This got my vote for best breakfast, perhaps best meal of the whole trip. Good thing we were doing a lot of walking.

The Kiwis are famous for their savoury pies - a great meal to grab when you're on the road. Surprisingly enough, we had a delicious butter chicken pie from BP...yes, the gas station. The Arrowtown Bakery had an impressive satay chicken pie, as did the Doughbin in Wanaka (below).
I learned two expressions from this pie package:
1. Sparrow's fart is slang for getting up very early in the morning
2. Since Adam was a cowboy means something that's been happening for ages (its etymology likely from Adam & Eve)

In my last post I said that I'd cover food & wine, but I lied - this post is long enough already and I'm starting to get hungry.

Kiwi wine tastings to follow soon!


Anonymous said...

this post should have a disclaimer - do not look if you are hungry!

Jules said...

lol...agreed! Totally craving a rosti right now :)