Monday, March 5, 2012

New Zealand - Architecture & Design

It's taken me awhile to sort through the 1,000+ photos we took during our two weeks in New Zealand, but I've finally got them all downloaded and arranged into folders by city/town or road trip - as in 'Drive to Kiakoura.'
I was clearly impressed by the wide array of architecture as I have no shortage of shots of random buildings. Here are a few of my favs...

 New Zealand is a very green country - and they don't seem to have much trouble growing ivy on their buildings. Above is Stony Ridge Winery on Waiheke Island, below is a building in Auckland near our hotel.

Patterned glass-fronted building on Cuba Street - Wellington

 By the time we got to the Auckland Art Gallery it was closed, but we were able to appreciate a couple of their installations despite the locked doors.
 This hanging flower installation was intermittently pumped full of air, making the flowers appear to bloom.
Like our art gallery here in Saskatoon, many galleries and museums have free admission in New Zealand.

Te Papa Museum, Wellington
Incredible Museum and incredibly free

 Much like the rest of the country, Wellington (the capital) is very hilly. Beautiful mixes of traditional, Victorian and modern architecture line the coast.
These narrow Victorian homes remind me of San Francisco.

 I loved the decor of the Vudu Cafe in Queenstown - note the mason jar light fixture above the counter.
Exterior shot of Vudu Cafe (courtesy of Vudu Cafe)

They had a great vintage photo of Queenstown on the wall.

 Mix of modern and traditional architecture in Wanaka.
The architects used a lot of natural materials in order to blend in with the natural setting as much as possible.

Auckland Harbour

If I lived in Auckland - and had a trust fund - I would live here. These stunning condos line the harbour and are just minutes (walking) to the downtown.
 That's a lock system in the photo can motor your boat right up to your back door if you live in the condos in the photos above and below.

New Zealand - Food & Drink to follow soon...


Sylvia said...

hey jules! your pictures are incredible! looks like you guys had a great time!

Jules said...

Thanks Syl! We had an amazing time - you'll have to visit NZ someday!