Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Me & Mrs. Buble

I came across a very familiar piece of furniture in Michael Buble's home recently.  House & Home paid the Canuck crooner a visit at his L.A. house - where I spied my new Crate and Barrel Colette Bed. 

The bedspread even happens to echo my own trellis-patterned duvet cover.

Buble / Barnes

I'm actually looking for a mirrored nightstand like his as I need somewhere to store a few odds and ends.  The Jules end table will stay (I'm crazy about it)- but I'd like a proper nightstand for the other side. 

I've found two pretty options at two 'Barns' - Pottery and Urban that is.

It turns out my tastes don't necessarily run parallel with Buble's - he admits in the article that his mother decorated his home for him.

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Mary's Dwellings said...

That's hilarious how similar the bedding is!

And your new bed looks beautiful! What a great upgrade!!!