Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend in S'toon - From French Cuffs to French Toast

We just had one of those great weekends that doesn't involve too much running around.  Other than finishing up my Christmas shopping, there wasn't too much that needed doing other than making dinner Saturday night for two of our favourite Saskatonians - Mike and Czarina.  I wish every weekend was like this.

My only faux pas was leaving the last of my Christmas shopping to the last weekend before the big day.  The line ups in some of the stores were almost too much for an impatient person like me. 

But it all paid off though when I came across the 50% off sale at Mexx.  I stumbled upon a purple-striped, women's French-cuff shirt.  I've always envied men with their French-cuff shirts and cufflinks - and wondered why they didn't seem to make them for women.  Well, apparently they do....and this one was half price. I remember having a conversation with a former male coworker who felt that since cufflinks are one of the few types of jewelry for men, women should just let them have their cufflinks.  Sorry dudes - if  it sparkles or shines, I gotta have it :)

I also managed to buy a few presents for other people too. ;)  I schlepped my parcels home, wrapped them up and stuck them under our Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Josh takes it personally that I refer to the tree he chopped down as a Charlie Brown tree - but I mean it in the most endearing way. It's a super-sized CB tree and it means more to me than a tree bought outside Superstore for $45. 

I was pretty excited to come home to this big ol' box under the tree...with my name on it.

After a late night out at a dubious bar on Saturday, it was nice to have a bit of sleep in and have a lazy brunch at Calories.  I'm not usually the type of person who takes pictures of their food at restaurants, but when this apple/almond/toffee French toast was placed in front of me, I couldn't help myself.  It wasn't really was more of a dessert.  And it was to.die.for.  

At least the grapefruit and orange had some nutritional value...

As if I needed to indulge more, I did a bit of Christmas baking Sunday afternoon.  I made a recipe from the December issue of House & Home called Mint Sails - basically a brownie with peppermint icing.  I'm always amazed by just how terribly unhealthy baked goods are once I actually make them myself.  These beauties have a whole cup of sugar, half a cup of butter - and that's not counting all the sugar in the icing.  

One for me, one for Josh

Remember how I said I might be investing in a treadmill?  I've added that to my to-do list for the weekend after Christmas.  A bit of a new years resolution if you will...if only so that I can keep going to Calories for brunch. 


Sephie said...

those brownies look fabulous! merry christmas! we miss you guys loads down here!

Jules said...

Merry Christmas Syl!! We miss you guys too :) Hopefully we can squeeze in an Otown visit in 2012!