Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend at the lake / A whiter shade of white

We just returned to the city after a very relaxing weekend at the lake.  It's a great feeling just knowing that there's nowhere you need to be, and nothing in particular you need to do.  That feeling just doesn't happen at home in the city - there's always something to clean or an errand to run. 

On Saturday we had a leisurely brunch at Yellow Fender, picked up a few groceries for dinner, threw a roast in the slow cooker and then headed out into a northern winter wonderland to chop ourselves down a Christmas tree.  We made our way to a lot owned by the family and found ourselves a very large version of a Charlie Brown tree.  Charlie Brown 2.0 if you will.

We Josh dragged it out of the bush and threw it in the back of the truck.

We also chopped off a few branches from another tree for the railings on our front porch.

As you can see from the above photo, it got pretty blustery.  As soon as we got back to the cottage we made some hot chocolate and warmed our toes by the fire.  Pure bliss.

We drove back home on Sunday afternoon after a stop at Canadian Tire to pick up a tree stand and some lights. We've spent the last three Decembers living in condos that didn't allow for real trees - hence the reason we lacked all the Christmas tree basics. 

A few weeks ago, I picked up two boxes of outdoor white lights for the house.  Note to self: there are several shades of white lights.  Unfortunately I had to learn this the hard way.

I had simply grabbed two boxes of 70 white lights off the shelf at Superstore.  The first box was positioned right in front of the second - I didn't think twice about it.  Rookie mistake. 

Before winding the strands around the boughs, we checked each one to make sure it worked.  We just didn't check them both at the same time, side-by-side.

So when we thought we were done, we plugged in the lights and this is what we saw.

White lights on the left, and a whiter shade of white on the right.  On closer inspection of the boxes they came in, we have warm white on the left and pure white on the right. 

Oops. Guess who's making another trip to Superstore on Monday night?


Mary's Dwellings said...

Haha! I saw on Facebook that you went with the warm white. That would have been my vote too. Your entranceway looks great! Jealous of the real garland!

Jules said...

Glad you hear you prefer the warm white too! You just can't mess with tradition! The pure white just seemed too stark.

Mary's Dwellings said...

I'm a hold out for sure! Our Christmas lights on the tree and outside are the old retro kind! I find some of the LEDs are too intense, so I like that you found warm white LEDs!