Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Paperwhite explosion

With all the planning and preparation that goes into Christmas, it's hard to believe it's already come and gone.  We spent four days at the lake with nine family members - a huge gathering by my standards. Those four days were spent skating, cross country skiing, catching up with family and gorging ourselves on multiple cheeses, melt-in-your-mouth smoked salmon and enough perogies to get me through until Easter.

When we returned home, my paperwhites had exploded and looked fantastic.  I was so happy to finally find a few of the flowering bulbs at Bill's House of Flowers on Broadway last week. I had tried a few other shops and was told they didn't carry them (one florist hadn't even heard of them).  The same scenario played out in Ottawa last Christmas - poinsettias and amaryllis were ubiquitous, but there were no paperwhites to be found.

Before Christmas

After Christmas

We made out like bandits in the gift department - our family spoiled us with their generosity as usual.  I'll post a few of the design/decor related goodies in the next few days. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday - all the best in 2012! :)

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