Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Crave Cupcakes in Saskatoon

Not long after we moved to Saskatoon, we noticed a sign on the window of a vacant commercial space on Broadway.  It said that Crave Cupcakes were coming to Saskatoon and that they were 'preheating the oven until August.'  August came and went, but the cupcakes didn't arrive.  It turned out they were behind schedule on the store construction.  A few months later a new sign appeared saying that the store would open in mid-November.  By late November, they still weren't open so I stopped paying attention.  I figured it was best for my waistline anyway. 

Last week, while poking around Facebook, I noticed a local clothing store had posted photos of cupcakes from Crave.  It was a cold, dark night, but I figured it was worth bundling up and checking it out.  Josh didn't need much convincing to join me.

We picked up a box of six and I brought the leftovers to work the next day.  My coworkers and I split them into quarters so we could sample them all a la Cupcake Wars.  The were all melt-in-your-mouth delicious.  Red velvet Elvis (below far left) and Crave-o-licious (with blue icing) were my personal favs.  The cake was delectably moist and the icing was perfection (the red velvet had cream cheese icing and the Crave-o-licious was buttercream).

There's a store that sells gym equipment just a few blocks down from Crave.  If I'm going to become a frequent patron of this new cupcake shop, I may have to invest in a treadmill.

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Sephie said...

ooooh.. they look delish!!!