Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Things I bought at Anthropologie

You're probably going to wonder why I don't just call this blog, Things I bought at Anthropologie. 

Josh and I did a bit of Christmas shopping at West Edmonton Mall a few weeks ago, and I couldn't help indulging in a little "To: Me, From: Me" action.

When I got around to sorting all the pressies for family and pressies for me, Josh was suddenly convinced he'd married an octogenarian when he saw what I bought for myself us.

Here's a hint as to why he thinks I've become a Golden Girl overnight...

Nope, not the cheesy Santa candlesticks.

It was the plates.

I thought they were incredibly gorgeous and grabbed one in every colour.  So gorgeous that they didn't belong in a cupboard, they belonged out on display.

So yes, I'm using plates at decoration.  I know it's not everyone's cuppa tea but I like it.  Josh is wondering when I'm going to break out my spoon collection.


Sarah MacMillan {Prairie Perch} said...

They are really pretty. So much colour! Great find.

sylvia said...

they're gorgeous! love the colours.. i'm so jealous you have anthropologie in edmonton! i still haven't visited the one in toronto.. :( wish they'd come to ottawa!

Jules said...

Thanks ladies!
Syl - next time you're in Toronto you'll have to go. That location is twice the size of the one in Edmonton or Calgary. It's two levels of awesomeness.

Mary's Dwellings said...

There is nothing wrong with being an old lady every now and then... that's what I tell Matt when I work on my quilt, haha!

The plates are gorgeous, I love the pops of colour on the otherwise neutral wall. I am curious what's in the mason jar? Did you see the mason-jar snowglobes that are $38 at Anthropologie? I plan to make my own version this weekend!

Jules said...

Hey Mary,
The mason jars are filled with sea glass collected from the beach outside my parents' house in NS - a nice reminder of the east coast for me! I hadn't seen the snow globes at Anthro...will have to have a peek at their website! You should do a post of your project - would love to see the results!