Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Picture hanging - rules to follow & rules to break

We scratched a few items off our to-do list this weekend, but the one item that brought instant gratification was hanging three of my new Etsy prints.

I picked up some finishing nails, grabbed Josh's tape measure and hammer and got to work.   I decided to space out the prints evenly between the closet door and bathroom door in our bedroom.   I know one of the rules of thumb is to use the width of the mat as a guide in spacing out frames, but I felt this was a rule I wanted to break as it's a narrow wall.

I hung the middle frame first and marked the halfway point between the side of the picture frame and the door frame on both the right and left side.  I eyeballed and marked with a pencil what I thought was level with the nail in the middle. 

Then Josh came in and gave me his two cents.  He suggested measuring from the ceiling to the nail to make sure they all lined up horizontally.  Once I did that, I noticed that I was about 2 cm too high with both my markings on either side of the middle nail.  Lesson learned and no need for a level.

Now if only Josh would trust my judgement when I tell him they're not hung too high.  Pictures hung too high are a huge pet peeve of mine. They should be at eye level - you shouldn't have to look up at them.  Standard gallery level is 57" from the floor to the centre of the picture. These pictures are slightly above that at 58".


sylvia said...

they look amazing!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Jules said...

Thanks Syl!