Tuesday, November 8, 2011 fabulousness

My friend Sylvia introduced me to a great website the other day called  The site features beautifully designed products at up to 70% off the retail price. You sign up and get a daily email update chock full of great deals. 

I've had to restrain myself from grabbing my credit card after depleting my savings to buy a car last here are some things I've wistfully coveted from afar...

Bright and cheerful throws

Super-cute bike necklaces

Bold storage solutions

Adorable tea towels

Super sleek iPad cases...
And my favourite find - it's doesn't get much more "Canadian cottage" than this plaid pillow.  It was sold out by the time I laid eyes on it. 

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Sylvia said...

i'm glad you got your membership approved! i found these amazing wall decals.. but were sold out by the time i saw them! i guess the trick is to anticipate the sales.. lol..