Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Gift Guides - Gifted & Anthology

I'm starting to wrap up the last of my Christmas shopping (no pun intended).  There are just a few more people to check off my list.

Some friends have commented that I must be pretty organized to have my list almost complete.  Au contraire - I'm really a very experienced procrastinator.  The only reason I've gotten the ball rolling is the fact that I have to ship pressies around the country so I have to account for Canada Post delivery.  I've also been doing a bit more Christmas shopping online, so I have to allow time for the gifts to be shipped to me as well.

A few family members have also asked me what I'm asking Santa I've been spending a bit of time scouring the interwebs for gift ideas for myself. 

Whether you're looking for that special something for friends or family, looking to spoil yourself, or a little bit of both, there are at least two great online magazines to help you out.

I stumbled upon Gifted the other day...and found something pretty darn perfect on almost every page.  I have very similar taste to Ez (the woman behind the mag) - some of the gift ideas I came across are things I've already purchased for people on my list.

A few of my favourite items were a cute little pink & metallic zipped pouch, and a beautifully-designed wall calendar.

Every month has a colourful, unique illustration...

Just today, I discovered another fantastic gift guide - this one from Anthology Magazine.

The Anthology guide led me to discover a new Etsy shop with some lovely prints. Anna See creates gorgeous illustrations that are surprisingly affordable.

The above print is from the gift guide, and here are a few other fantastic prints from her Etsy shop...

Indian Peacock - hand-pulled linocut print

Venice Buildings illustration

Whether you've just begun, or have yet to start tackling your list - good luck and happy shopping :)

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