Thursday, October 13, 2011

Calgary Trip - Part Three

This is my last post about Canada's oil capital - until my next trip.  There was just too much good stuff to squeeze into one post. 

 Here are some of the highlights/things I thought were cool.  Please excuse the photo quality as I didn't carry my Canon SLR everywhere - it got too heavy so a lot of the shots were taken with our el-cheapo camera bought for underwater pics.  Yes...we actually bought a camera specifically to take pictures in the ocean.  We're nerdy like that.

Prince's Island is a beautiful urban escape in the middle of the river that borders the downtown. We had a nice walk along the path that runs around the island - the fall colours were stunning.  The air had that nice, crisp scent of fallen leaves.

There's a cosy, rustic restaurant on the island called River Cafe.  We had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner here on Sunday night.

So warm and cosy - they had a nice fire glowing in the fireplace.

Calgary Tower

Ottawa peeps - does this condo look a little familiar?

I thought this was brilliant.  Ladies, how many times have you had to walk around a grate like this when wearing heels?  Calgary obviously knows that women like to be fashionable and walk around their city at the same time.  It would still require some concentrated footwork, but it works.

On Saturday night we had dinner at a very cute little Italian bistro/grocer called Giuseppe's.

Salami, prosciutto, parmesan chunks, olives and mozzarella - DE-LISH

They make a delicious Bellini with the perfect peach puree.  I should start making these at home - so yummy.

I have a thing for Italian grocers.  After family and friends, Nicastro's/La Bottega is next on my list of things I miss most about Ottawa.  It doesn't appear that S'toon has one.  I'll be stockpiling elusive pasta noodles on my next trip back :)

We also checked out the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller on our way home.  I was a huge dinosaur-loving geek when I was little and had ambitions of being a I found the museum pretty cool. I'll spare you the innocuous pictures of me feigning fright at the T-Rex.

All in all, it was a great little mini-vacation and I'm really looking forward to going back in the spring.

Let me know if you have any "must sees" for my next trip! :) 


Mommajay said...

Mmmm... bellinis... We had a 40th wedding anniversary party for my parents at the end of the summer and kicked off the evening with summer fresh peach bellinis. After trialing one late that afternoon, in preparation for the party, I decided it was better if I actually did NOT start drinking them along with the guests. Not much else would have been served if I had got going on them there bellinis!! My parents lived in Calgary for ~12 years, so once I went to university, and after, I would travel 'home' to Calgary, not really knowing anyone or anything about it. You definitely seem to have hit on all highlights I knew about and remembered. Well done! And aces on the furniture you bought. That bed is beautiful!! Take care, hope all is well. -PJ

M's Dwellings said...

What are you talking about, those are great photos!!