Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No more spendy-spendy

I definitely heated up my credit card in Calgary over the weekend.  Now I have to tell myself to avoid unnecessary shopping trips and expensive stinky cheese for awhile.  We only visited a few stores - Ikea, Crate & Barrel, Anthropologie and Zara, but still did some major damage.

Our first stop was at Ikea.  We arrived at the 10 a.m. opening to avoid the crowds. Although it was still pretty crazy, it wasn't elbow-throwing crazy.  We bought the grey MORUM rug that's just under 7x10 feet.  We'd been looking for a rug to place under our dining table and this was the perfect size.  Even after putting some felt pads on the bottom of our dining chairs, they were still leaving scratches on the wood floors, so this was our solution and I'm happy with the way it warms up the space.  I also picked up a handful of black RIBBA picture frames for my wall gallery.

Then we were off to Crate & Barrel.  I am in love with C&B.  I somewhat jokingly asked the sales guy when Saskatoon was going to get their own C&B.  He laughed and said, "Saskatoon will get one after ever other city in Canada gets one." *Sigh* At least I can buy online...but browsing their bricks and mortar shops is so much more fun.  I bought a few dishtowels - you can never have too many pretty dishtowels. 
I picked this Marrakesh patterned dishtowel for me, and a few others to hold on to for hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, etc.   Although some of them are so cute, I might get greedy and keep this Marseilles pattern.  I love French-inspired textiles.
The aforementioned, "major damage" was the purchase of the Colette Bed I'd been crazy about since seeing it in their Toronto store.  We needed a new bed and I figured that since I still loved it at least eight months after first setting eyes on it, I should just hurry up buy it already.  A nice bonus was that it was 15% off and the taxes in Alberta are only 5%!  I'm used to sales that simply save you the tax, so saving above and beyond that was great.  

So here it is, in all its glorious splendor....
This is clearly not our bedroom, but a picture from the C&B website.  Our bed will be delivered to us in 6-8 weeks.   Just looking at this picture makes me want to call them up and buy the matching bench...but I won' least not right away.

I also bought the Jules accent table to use as a night stand on my side of the bed.  We'll get something with a drawer for Josh's side.  I couldn't not buy it, I mean, it was practically named after me! And, like the bed, it was love at first sight when I found it in the Toronto store all those months ago.

I love how versatile the Jules table is - it could work just as well in our living room if I felt like changing things up.

After cleaning out C&B, we were off to the Chinook Mall so I could check out all the pretty, shiny things at Anthropologie

Here's the loot I brought home from Anthro...

The Curvy Chrysanthemum Vase looks great on our top floating shelf - which had been empty until now.   Always a keen observer, Josh said, "there's something stuck to it." 

I couldn't resist picking up one of their monogrammed mugs - especially since it works for both of our initials. I'm sure Josh truly appreciates having a flowery purple mug with his initial stamped on it.

I also picked up this chartreuse ikat bowl to hold my earrings in.  So delicate and pretty.

I didn't buy anything at Zara.  I figured I had indulged in enough impulse buying for one day.


M's Dwellings said...

Ummm... Julie, you've picked up some key items on my wish list.... so if you could kindly send them my way, that would be so appreciated! I've had my eye on the Anthro vase forever, I love it! I've bought a few of the monogrammed mugs as gifts, but I like your rationale of buying it for yourself since you and Josh have the same initial! I might have to buy a pretty flowered mug for Matt and I now too, hah!

And congrats on the bed purchase!! I'm still working on mine. But when I finally DO buy my new bed, I'm actually hoping to get the bedding from C&B that's pictured in your bed picture!

You have fantastic taste my friend!

Jules said...

Hey Mary!

We definitely have the same taste as I'm also totally loving the bedding in that photo. Unfortuntely the bedding wasn't on sale like the bed was....and one sham alone was $50! yikes!

I actually thought of you when I bought the vase as I remember seeing it on your Pinterest board. I originally bought it with the intention of giving it to someone as a gift, but then chickened out as I'd have to ship it across the country...and it just seems to delicate. So I bought that person something else and kept the vase for myself! It's so pretty and should snag one next time you're at Anthro!

Sarah MacMillan {Prairie Perch} said...

Hi there! Glad to have found you and your lovely blog. Thanks for the link to that pumpkin carving. All the best with that! I'd love to see what you come up with. (Hugs) -Sarah

Sephie said...

wow!! great purchases!!!! i'm going to have to go shopping with you in calgary.. hee..

Jules said...

Hey Sarah! I'll definitely do a post on my pumpkin decorating adventures...assuming it turns out ok!
Syl: That sounds like fun! Let me know when you're coming ;) Or, we could meet closer to you for a little consumer about NYC??? :)