Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Melted Crayola Rainbow

File this one under "most unoriginal DIY craft of 2011."  At least that's what you're probably thinking if you're a Pinterest addict like me and you've seen hundreds of these already.  However, the ubiquity of this great DIY doesn't take away from it's rainbow-coloured charm.

I've been wanting to give this melted crayon DIY a try for awhile now.  I picked up the canvas a few weeks ago, borrowed a glue gun, and bought some crayons.  The crayons were actually the hardest thing to track down as the first few stores I checked out sold brands I'd never heard of - and I had read that Crayola crayons were the way to go.

I used two 24-packs of Crayola and played around with the colour pattern for awhile, deciding to go with rainbow - again, highly unoriginal, but I have a soft spot for anything rainbow coloured.

As I had two packs of crayons I doubled up on most of them to fit the width of the canvas and attached them with a glue gun.

I wasn't sure how I was going to prop up the canvas until I Googled "melted crayon art" and found great step-by-step instructions on this blog.  This is where I stole the idea to use a baking sheet lined with tinfoil and some kitchen paraphernalia to give me the right angle.

I used two spice containers to prop up the canvas.  Here's a tip...don't buy spices at Costco unless you own a restaurant.  No normal person needs one kilo of Italian seasoning. 

I got pretty excited when the first bits of wax started to melt and run down the canvas, making nice straight lines.

The straight lines didn't last long as the hairdryer I was using to melt the wax didn't have an attachment for directing heat to one specific spot.  The crayons I heated directly would melt straight down the canvas, but the surrounding ones melted on an angle away from the heat.  I used the low hairdryer setting as I read that the high setting can cause splattering.

Here's another trip - come up with your "label display strategy" before you start gluing.  At first I thought I wanted to see the word Crayola on the label, and after gluing the first two I changed gears and decided I'd rather see the name of the colours instead (now in English, French and Spanish).  I thought it would be a good way to practice my language skills.  I'll be buying oranges in Spain in no time...naranja por favor!

Since I switched my strategy after gluing on the first two crayons I figured I should at least make it symmetrical and do the same with the last two.

So there you have it.  A bit of wax pooled at the bottom of the sheet but I was able to break it off the bottom edge of the canvas so that our walls don't get crayon on them.  There's no excuse for having crayon on the walls when you don't have kids to blame for it.


Sephie said...

that's crazy! i've never heard of such a thing.. but super cool!

Jules said...

Thanks Sylvia! Perhaps I've seen it so much as I spend WAY too much time searching for the end of the internet. You're too busy doing more productive things :)

California Pet Shipping visit site said...

Love the idea and would like to try it. I love your color scheme - could you tell me what colors you used?