Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Houses of Modern Family

There's one show I really try not to miss every week, and it's Modern Family.   I LOVE this show and it's one of my Facebook 'likes' so I get regular updates which often include photos of the uh-mazing homes the characters live in.  

It seems that everyone has their fav as there's a great range of styles.   I'm actually torn between Cam & Mitchell's ivy-covered house as it's got such great character, and Jay and Gloria's stunning, uber-modern abode.  

That's not to say that I don't like the Dunphy home - it's more traditional than the others, but still contemporary and cosy looking.

The Dunphy's - classic & inviting

I love the open shelving for the cookbooks and the pomegranate painting, but some of the furniture is a bit too 'Pottery Barn' for me.

The living room - great built ins

Love the gallery wall with a mix of frames

Then we have Cam and Mitchell's home....

Again, I'm crazy about ivy, I love Spanish style rounded doors and the coloured window frames are a nice touch.  Out of all three homes, this one is my favorite exterior as it has so much character.

The living room colours are nice and calming, with great pops of colour in the artwork and pillows.  I love the clean lines of the armchairs, the coffee table and the side table.

Mitchell: "Pigeons aren't scared of anything, they stand on electrical wires!"

The Moroccan-style side table the blue urn are fantastic.

Dining room - again with the calming neutral colours and fantastic artwork.

And the pièce de résistance - Jay and Gloria's house

A little too big for my liking, but definitely sleek and striking.  I'd love to live in a scaled down version of this house.

The bold colours and area rug really warm up the space.

I love the wrap-around corner window and the bright yellow frame.

Jay: "Drop it."
Master bedroom - great accessorizing

The original kitchen from the first season.

Mitchell: "Dad, you're really close to ruining gay for me."

A behind-the-scenes shot of the updated kitchen - new zebra-print stools, new art work, and the side of the peninsula is now painted

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On that note, leave a comment and let me know what your favorite TV home is - Modern Family or otherwise!

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Anonymous said...

I love Gloria and Jay's home the most! It is so sleek and modern! It also looks inviting and well decorated. The kitchen in its updated form is a lot nicer than it was at first.

Cam and. Mitch's home is my second favourite, I like how the exterior is Spanish looking and the inside is calm and neutral coloured.