Monday, October 3, 2011

Gallery Wall Sneak Peak

When I got it in my head that I wanted to create a gallery wall in our upstairs hallway, I didn't stop to consider the lack of art/photography we have available to hang.  All of our existing art was already hanging on the main floor, in the office and in the bathrooms. 

I figured I would have to get creative, and perhaps print off some of our own photography.  I started looking at everyday objects differently, wondering if they could be matted and smoothed under a sheet of glass. 

As an example, my mom bought me this adorable tea towel in the UK and I thought it was totally frame-worthy.   Unfortunately it's been well used in the past year and there are some stubborn stains that won't come out.

Often the cover of my New Yorker magazine will have a great illustration on it - but once the address label is removed, the cover always ends up getting ripped.  (I know you can purchase them from Condé Nast...but it seems too redundant).

Enter Frank Viva and his brilliantly-illustrated new children's book - Along a Long Road. 

 As it turns out, Viva's illustrations have graced four covers of the New Yorker - including a recent August issue...complete with aforementioned ripped cover.

And this great January cover...

Now, I'm aware that this is a shameless act of copyright infringement, but I bought the book and had a few pages colour photocopied.  I just couldn't bring myself to tear out pages in an actual book - to defile a book like that seemed in bad form.

The woman at the print shop seemed ok with copying four pages of the book...based on a quick estimation that this was a small enough percentage of the total amount of pages.  As it's for personal use, I feel a little less guilty. 

I picked up two frames from a dollar store - I didn't want to buy four as I didn't have the page dimensions with me at the time. If the size was wrong I could reuse them for something else.  It turns out they were the right size, but,  I'm going to throw out that old cliché here - you get what you pay for.  Once I removed the plastic wrap on the frames, I saw for myself just how cheap they looked.  Viva's art deserved better.

My mother-in-law picked up a few frames for me at Ikea this weekend, and what a difference they made.  Ok, Ikea is inexpensive too, but not dollar-store cheap.   Josh and I are off to Calgary soon, so I'll pick up a couple more so they all match. 

So here's the sneak peak...

El cheapo dollar store frames above, and Ikea frames below...

I had the idea to use a children's book as art for awhile, but Scaredy Squirrel was not going to cut it.  Viva's work was the perfect fit.

I'll end with a cool little factoid for you - this book was actually created as a single, continuous work of art using Adobe Illustrator.  The total length of the illustration was 35 feet.  Very cool.

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