Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First trip to Cow Town - Kensington Village

Josh and I just got back from spending Thanksgiving weekend in Calgary.  It was my first visit to Cow Town and I have to say I was impressed.  The downtown was walkable and clean and the people were friendly.

My favourite part of the city was Kensington Village.  The Village is steps from the downtown and it's chock full of great pubs, boutiques and it's residential streets are bursting with character. 

Let's go on a little tour (read: shamelessy snoop on private homes), shall we? 

I loved this pretty blue house with the bright yellow door.  You can't tell from the photo, but the watering can matched the door perfectly. 

I thought this was brilliant urban planning.  These gates prevent cars from turning directly onto the residential streets from the main thoroughfare (Kensington Road).  Instead, you access these streets from a quieter back road.  Any Ottawan who has tried to turn left onto Bank Street in the Glebe on a Saturday afternoon will know it's basically futile.  You might as well block off some of the residential streets and have a few controlled intersections onto the main street.

I think more people would live in townhouses if they were all this pretty.   

Love the black window frames, and the balcony shrouded in tree branches.

Uber-modern awesomeness.  I love the middle balcony with the arbour.

The trees were almost as impressive as the houses.  That's what I love most about old neighbourhoods - the huge trees that create a beautiful canopy over the streets and sidewalks.

Walking down the sidewalk, you felt like you were walking through a tunnel of leaves and branches. 

So that's it for the tour - hope you enjoyed it!

Check back again tomorrow for my next Calgary posting entitled,
"To Me, From Me. The Pressie Edition."

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