Friday, October 7, 2011

Etsy lovin'

I stumbled upon these great photographs on Etsy yesterday and had to share.  They're from photographer J. M. Barclay who is based in Detroit.

Part of me wants to borrow someone's game of Scrabble, a nice fabric or printed paper, and do this myself, but another part of me is lazy...and the prints are very reasonably priced. 

Here are a few more of J.M.'s photos which have an almost ethereal, dream-like quality to them.  I'd love to have a mini gallery wall devoted to these beauties.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!


Sephie said...

i'm whipping out my scrabble set!!!

Jules said...

If you give this a try you'll have to show me your photo! I'd be on it if I owned Scrabble!