Monday, October 24, 2011

Etsy Loot

I know I recently proclaimed that there would be no more "spendy-spendy" for awhile, but I bought a bit of fabulous Etsy loot before our Calgary trip, and it's been trickling in from Canada, the U.S. and Spain over the last two weeks. 

The piece de resistance arrived today from Madrid and I was absolutely giddy to find my tube-shaped parcel hidden behind my potted boxwood when I got home from work...

Inside were four of Blanca Gomez's amazing screen prints that I'd been coveting for ages.

They are absolute perfection.  I originally bought them for the gallery wall I'm planning, but I think they're so nice they should stand on their own somewhere.  Our bedroom still has no artwork so that might be a good spot for the set of three above.

This one might end up in the master bathroom.  It'll make me smile as I brush my teeth in the morning.  It's quite large at 20" * 16." 

Since I last posted about Blanca's work, she's added even more adorable prints to her Etsy shop,  like these two Parisian bistro prints...

And how cute are these?

These were little freebies I found wrapped around the screen prints - the postcard is adorable and fit perfectly in one of my Ikea frames.

I had also been on the hunt for some new pillows, and I ended up going with these two...

The zig zag pillow is from Kimoley Deco and the damask is from Pillow Mio.   The quality of both are excellent.  I'm toying with the idea of getting another of each and putting the damasks on the guest bed to inject a bit of colour to our currently very plain guest room.

I almost held off on the pillow purchases until after our Calgary trip...until I did a bit of comparison shopping online.  I looked at the pillow options at Crate & Barrel and Anthro, but at $50-$100, these Etsy beauties were a steal - ranging from $25-$30.  Great bang for your buck, and a great way to support a small business.

Lastly, I bought a little something from la belle province.  In this case,  Pinterest is the catalyst that had me running for my credit card as I came across this lovely knotted necklace on the incredibly addictive site

 All the Etsy sellers had great attention to detail with their beautiful packaging.

Tame is based in Montreal and this necklace is offered in a few other colours.  I was so excited about this that I wore it for three days straight after it arrived.

Have you found anything great on Etsy lately?  Has Pinterest caused you to indulge in a bit of retail therapy?  

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