Thursday, September 8, 2011

Top Shops of Toon Town

Before we made our move west, several Saskatonians told me that since I was moving from Ottawa to Saskatoon, I'd be disappointed with the shopping here. 

" like Ikea do you? You'll have to drive to Calgary or Edmonton for economical Swedish furniture from now on."

It's true that there's less variety here, but since I set my expectations low (in order to avoid being disappointed), it's resulted in being pleasantly surprised every time I discover a great new (well, new to me) shop.

One of my absolute favourites is Garden Architecture & Design.   The fact that I lack a real backyard and decent sized garden doesn't stop me from wandering around this urban oasis and dreaming of setting up my own outdoor sanctuary at some future home or cottage.

They have loads of beautiful succulents.  I bought a few of these beauties but made the mistake of leaving them outside during a hail storm.  I'll just have to go back and buy more.

Pots, urns and Buddhas galore

Josh doesn't know it yet, but some day we'll have a gorgeous cottage in the Cotswolds, and it'll have one of these elegant glass garden houses where we'll spend our mornings drinking coffee mimosas and reading The Times.

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