Friday, September 9, 2011

Tiny homes

A few weeks ago I read an interesting article in the New Yorker  about the  Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.  Ever since, I've had a bit of a fixation with tiny houses.   Jay Shafer, the owner of Tumbleweed, lives in a house he designed and built, that just happens to be smaller than some walk-in closets.  He so strongly believes in this lifestyle that he started designing mini abodes for others.   Check out his very innovative tiny home in the video below.

It appears that living small is catching on.  Yesterday I came across a tiny home (actually built from plans for a shed) in the BC Gulf Islands on Apartment Therapy.  The couple built the 180 square foot cabin on an island with no electricity.  They share the minuscule space with their two young sons and their dog.  The cost of materials was about $7,000 and it took two weeks to build.  

They turned an Ikea bed with under-mounted storage into a trundle bed.

The loft bed

Cedar outhouse

For a view like this, I could easily do without the extra space, electricity and indoor plumbing.  Check out the full house tour here. 

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