Monday, September 12, 2011

The September Issue

A few years ago I took a great night class called Introduction to Documentary.  We watched everything from Dont look back [sic] which followed Bob Dylan on his 1965 tour of the UK, The Thin Blue Line (I highly recommend), Every Day Except Christmas and several NFB films including The Things I Cannot Change, Ryan and Nanook of the North (you can watch many NFB docs on their website for free).

After watching so many films on history, poverty, addictions and the like, it felt like a guilty pleasure to go on a little field trip to see The September Issue at the Bytowne Cinema in Ottawa.  The film chronicles the process and people behind Vogue and its coveted September issue (every year 13 million issues are sold).

From that point on, I've purchased the September Issue every year, but ignored the eleven other months.  I suppose it's because fall seems like the biggest transition when it comes to fashion...and the hype elevates my curiosity.  

I paged through it on the magazine racks when it first came out, but put off buying it because I had a long walk home and it weighs a ton.  Last week, I was much closer to home when I came across it again so I parted with $5.99 plus taxes and schlepped home with all 758 pages of it.

Although I've always been interested in fashion, it now takes second place to interior decor.  So, instead of checking out the five distinct fashion 'personalities' this year, (The Romantics, Modernists, Bourgeoisie, Artisans and Subversives in case you're interested) I rifled through to the article on Claude Wasserstein's stunning Manhattan penthouse.  She shares this exquisite home and rooftop garden with her three children.

Artificial grass was used to minimize maintenance.
Just look at that view

Lucy's dream-like bedroom (Claude's adopted daughter)

The living room is a bit too formal for my taste, but I can appreciate the vivid colours and attention to detail.

Claude now has the best of both worlds in her NYC home.  She says, "I feel like I have a suburban house in the city with a cottage garden. I grew up in France, and I love flowers. I love that I can look out and feel I am in a garden with the New York landscape behind it."

J'adore :)

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sylvia said...

wowowow... amazing... now i'm going to have to check out vogue in september too!