Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Project Hallway

Now that I've tackled the front window stencil, I'm starting to think about my next project. 

Our upstairs hallway is very boring/vanilla/blah right now.  There's nothing on the walls so I'm excited to get to work on this blank canvas.  It definitely needs to be jazzed up and injected with a bit of colour.

I'm really inspired by people who use unconventional items and DIY art to add personality and interest to their homes.

Kristin Collins hung French flash cards in her kitchen (via Apartment Therapy)

The Midyette family DIY'd these coffee cup paintings for their Tribeca Loft.


And here's a great way to display all those photos...

There is one long wall space (below) where I'd like to create a collage of art, but I'll be honest, I find the idea of it a little intimidating.  You want to get it right the first time when you're putting a bunch of holes in your walls. 

Here are a few inspirations pics...

Here's a way to avoid all those nail holes...
Vincente Wolf Interior Design Via Lonny Mag

I'll post updates on my progess. Wish me luck!


Mommajay said...

Oh the menace of a blank wall/page/space/mind... I think your landing at the end of a landing would be a perfect mini-library. Create built in shelves that go around and over the window and up the wall on the stair side. Create a window seat under/along the window. Later, if you ever have a gate at the top of the stairs, you'll have an amazing reading nook. In terms of the big white wall, I say go for those amazing screen prints you bin lovin' on. One for each city/place that means something to you. And be sure to buy one for someplace you haven't been to, but that you expect your honey bear to take you to!

Jules said...

*Sigh* I heart built-ins and window seats! Creating a little reading nook is definitely in my future plans for that space by the front window. And I'm cracking open my wallet next week for a few screen prints...I've been drooling over them for too long now!

Sylvia said...

i've always wanted to do a collage.. especially along the curved wall along my stairs.. but i need to build up a collection.. also.. framing is so expensive!!!