Friday, September 23, 2011

Kate Spade Stripes

I've been meaning to post about this fabulous decor idea for awhile now.   Blogger Rebecca June snapped some photos of this amazing rainbow striped floor at the Kate Spade shop in Palm Springs.  Apparently it's made with vinyl tape - just like the lines on a gymnasium floor.

And it looks like they did the same in their NYC shop - even extending the stripes out on to the sidewalk.    

Absolute perfection.


Sylvia said...

wow.. love it!! i've never seen tape that colour though... wonder where you'd be able to get it?

Jules said...

I Googled 'coloured vinyl tape' and actually got quite a few results, so you could buy it online. I just don't have a floor to do this on...unless Josh wants a rainbow brite garage!! ;)

Sylvia said...

you could do the walls!!