Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy long weekend!

Even though we're all from the same country and speak the same language, I'm often singled out here in the prairies over my east coast word usage and pronunciation.   I'm told that it's not a cottage, it's a cabin. And your dad's sister is not pronounced 'ahnt', but rather 'ant' or even 'antie.'   And my adopted province?  It may end in 'wan', but apparently it's pronounced Sas-kat-che-WIN. 

Whatever your name for it, I'll be inclusive and just say that here are some pretty amazing cabins/lake houses/cottages I've been lusting over on Pinterest.

Happy Labour Day weekend!


More of a 'house on a lake' than a lake house

Cape Cod bungalow - love the hits of yellow


Sylvia said...

in kenora.. it's called a camp... weird eh?

Jules said...

That's the second time I've heard that, my 'ahnt' said in Wawa they call them camps too, must be a northern Ontario thing!