Thursday, September 29, 2011

Furniture Makeovers

I've been really inspired by some great up-cycling I've seen on the interweb lately.   Apartment Therapy had a fantastic post recently about how to add some glam to the Ikea Rast dresser.

Some skilled DIYers took the very plain-Jane dresser below...
And made it into something you'd never guess was from the Swedish big box store...

Now I find myself looking at furniture differently.   I'll visualize updating a dresser with some new knobs from Anthropologie, or adding a fresh coat of paint. 

My in-law's cottage has some great pieces, such as the Scandinavian style cabinet below.  I mentioned to Josh that it would be great to use as a TV console, and my mother-in-law actually considered giving it to us...until I mentioned my thoughts on adding a few coats of paint to it.  ;-)

The "paint or not to paint" is a contentious issue that many people are divided on. This was debated on Apartment Therapy back in June.  

I'm actually turning a corner on my radical "must add paint" beliefs. I'm 100% behind those Ikea dresser makeovers, but the piece above is a quality antique. Once you add paint, there's no turning back. 

 I think a good compromise would be updating it with these great lucite pulls from Anthro, but holding on to the originals for future use.

Another piece I'd like to steal  I'm coveting is an antique dresser in the guest room.  I love the art-deco-style pulls and the V-shaped wood grain on the top drawer.  If this piece was bequeathed to Josh and me, I'd probably just remove the mirror if it could be done without damaging it.

Is there any furniture in your family you'd like to have bestowed to you?

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