Wednesday, September 14, 2011

For the love of foo dogs

Ever since I stumbled upon Samantha Pynn's work below in Style at Home (one room decorated two ways), I've been on the lookout for those fantastic turquoise dogs on the third shelf down.

It turns out they are called foo dogs in the West and Chinese Guardian or Shishi Lions in China (where they originate).  The set comes with a male and female.  The male holds a sphere under his paw representing the world and the female restrains a cub under her paw.

I actually already own a pair as my cousin brought us back a small red set from China.  I totally love them and currently use them as bookends.  But I think they need some companionship in the form of two big turquoise doggy siblings.

The interior designers at Cullman &  Kravis share the same line of thinking as me - you can never have too many foo dogs...

A few more great examples...

 Domino mag

 Pottery Barn (although this is a picture from their catalogue, they don't sell the dogs)

Jonathan Adler owns the mother of all foo dogs - check out the monster on his balcony.

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