Friday, September 16, 2011

Dreaming of the perfect closet

If you're like me, your closet could use a little bit of TLC.  I thought that once I had a walk-in closet I'd be able to see everything I own, thus reducing the chances of buying the same items again and again.   Not so.

I've also been prone to grabbing the perfect outfit, only to realize that I've forgotten to sew on a button that's fallen off (several weeks earlier), and not having the time to fix it then and there.

The few occasions I have to really dress up, I've gravitated towards a great bridesmaid dress I wore to a friend's wedding -forgetting that I have yet to hem up the bottom as it's a little too long. It sits there unhemmed until the next time I want to wear it - refusing to magically alter itself.

A recent photo in Apartment Therapy has been my inspiration to pull my closet - and myself- together.  The more organized it is, the easier it'll be to get ready in the morning.

Pure closet perfection

So this weekend I'm getting my act together.  I'm taking that dress to the tailor (as I don't trust my own sewing skills), I'm sewing on some missing buttons (the extent of my mending talents) and will be making the acquaintance of my local dry cleaner.   Not very exciting, but it'll be worth it on Monday morning. 

Happy Friday!

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