Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spoonflower fabrics

I'm still navigating my way through various options for our bedroom curtains. In a previous post I swooned over bright chevron curtains from Etsy, and then I came across a more subdued version at Crate and Barrel which would create a nice calming effect.
I was almost sold until I came across a fantastic 'before and after' on Apartment Therapy.

The homeowner, Gigi, has the same style sense as me as she wanted to use Schumacher's Imperial Trellis fabric for her curtains.  But, much like my surprise in finding out the cost of the Imperial Trellis wallpaper, the fabric was more expensive than she expected. 

Instead, she created her very own design on Spoonflower, and had curtains made from it.  How crafty is that?

Spoonflower lets you design and print your own fabrics allowing you to get exactly what you want.  Other people can then purchase your designs as well. 

There are some seriously talented designers using Spoonflower, hence, my ability to spend way too much time hopping around the site.

A close up of Gigi's print. J'adore :)
Many fabrics come in different colours, and you can buy anything from a test swatch, to a fat quarter, to several yards.

Fabric of the week - Elephant March.  This is so adorable I'm tempted to buy it, frame it and stick it on my wall.

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