Monday, August 8, 2011

PEI Cycling Trip - Day Two

On day two of our bike trip we woke up to ominous looking overcast skies.   We had a delicious breakfast at the inn and made our way west to Greenwich (which happened to be the opposite direction of our final destination for the day).  Although it was the wrong direction, it was well worth the additional 15 km it added to our trip and the rain we pedalled through.

Greenwich is located in a national park, enabling the protection of its fragile sand dunes and wetlands.  We biked along a short trail and onto a meandering boardwalk leading to a beautiful beach.  Due to the weather, there were only a few other tourists around.

The couple who took the above picture had very strong Eastern European accents so I asked where they were visiting from.  It turns out they were from Toronto.  When they asked where we were from, I answered with Saskatoon - sparing them the unabridged version.

It turns out the man had a joke about Saskatoon...

Two women are having drinks in a bar when they look over and see two very attractive men sitting at a table on the other side of the bar.  One of the women decides to go over and attempt to start up a conversation with them.

"So where are you gentlemen from?", the woman asks. To which one of the men replies, "Saskatoon Saskatchewan." The woman immediately leaves to return to her friend.

Her friend asks "What happened?". She says "It's no use, they don't even speak English."

Heading for the dunes

After a short walk on the beach we hit the road as we had a 60 km journey ahead of us. 
Surf and Turf: I like how this shot captures both potatoes and mussels being farmed (St. Peter's Bay)

We headed east on the Confederation Trail towards East Point.  The trail stretches from one side of PEI to the other and follows abandoned railway lines.  The tracks along our route had been removed with the exception of a short section near a railway museum in Elmira.  

Our start point on the Confederation Trail - the sun decided to show itself :)

PEI's famous red clay (the flash makes it look brown, but it really was red in-person)
The trail was nice in that you didn't have to watch out for cars and there weren't any big hills to climb...but this also means a lack of slopes to effortlessly cruise down.  There were a few ponds along the way - and thankfully a few outhouses - but other than that there weren't many beautiful vistas or landmarks.  On this leg of the trail you don't actually cycle through any towns, you have to get off the trail and follow the highway several kilometres to visit the villages, and we weren't going to push our luck.

We got off the trail in Elmira and biked a few more kilometres down the road to the Harbour Lights Guest House. We were hungry, sore and in desperate need of showers.  The excitement and relief of seeing our B&B was like coming across an oasis in the desert.

 Day Three to follow tomorrow...

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