Tuesday, August 9, 2011

PEI Cycling Trip - Day Three

The Harbour Lights Guest House was one of the nicest B&B's I've ever visited.

I always expect to open the door to your typical knick-knack cluttered/potpourri-scented/toilet paper doll type of abode.  I was pleasantly surprised.  There was nary a Barbie doll tp cover to be seen. The B&B was tastefully decorated with beautiful Asian inspired furniture and Inuit art.

As they bill themselves as a writer and artist retreat, each suite has an extra room with a desk in addition to the main bedroom.  This was perfect for our situation as Mary was originally going to be cycling on her own, and I decided to be a hanger-on at the last minute.  The other room in the guest house was booked so it was nice to be able to hunker down in the extra room (which also happened to have a day bed).

The gorgeous view from our balcony
The owners, Bruce and Pat, made us a delicious breakfast - eggs benny but with a herbed sauce instead of traditional hollandaise.

After breakfast we had a quick game of frisbee with the official greeter, Kiana - an Australian Shepard.

After giving Kiana her exercise, it was time to get ours so we got back on our bikes and headed along the coast to Souris. 

We made a stop along our route at Red Point Provincial Park and wandered on the beach for awhile. 

The beach was packed with people until you walked around this section of red rock.

For some reason no one seemed to venture this far for a bit more peace and quiet
After arriving 25 km down the road at Souris, we knew we couldn't make it any further.  The bike outfitters in Annandale very kindly offered to pick us up if we couldn't make the full loop back.  Although Souris is the launch point for the ferry to the Magdalen Islands, it's not a big enough town to sustain a taxi service - the last taxi went out of business last summer.

Pat, who rented us our bikes on day one, drove to Souris to get us.  As he is probably in his 70s or 80s, we were quickly humbled when he told us that he had already biked 25 km that day.  The distance we covered in four hours, he covered in just one.

It was a fantastic trip and a great way to see PEI's spectacular coastline.  I'm already day dreaming about my next trip...maybe biking through Burgundy or cycling in Catalonia.   Any takers?


sylvia said...

i was once drooling over a cycling trip through provence and tuscany.. the trip included your luggage being sent ahead, options for a full cycling day or a shortened one with cheats on the train, and a full dinner with wine included every evening.. also bikes of course..

it was $3000 or somethingl ike that not including airfare.. *gasp*

Jules said...

yikes!! Josh did a self guided bike tour in France (I think it was Burgundy). You cycle from vineyard to vineyard tasting wines, and once you've had a few too many you jump on a train to take you home...and definitely wasn't too expensive. Maybe we should start planning something for 2013!