Monday, August 29, 2011

The next DIY project

I'm starting to plan my next little DIY project and as usual, I'm easily overwhelmed by the overabundance of choices.

Our front door has a great vertical window that runs along its side.  It lets a lot of lovely sunshine in, but takes away from the privacy.  As the main floor is completely open concept, it means that someone looking through the window can see right through to the kitchen table at the back of the house.  It's not my paranoia talking here...a few door-to-door salespeople and a tradesman have literally put their faces right up to the window and looked in while waiting for us to answer the door.

I put a couple of boxwood planters on either side of the door as I've always liked the symmetry of it, but an unexpected bonus meant that the alarm system salesperson couldn't get too close.  But it's not quite enough so I've decided to put a stencil on the window with a frosted glass finish.  It'll add some visual interest, but still let the sunshine in.

My inspiration came from the window of one of my new favorite restaurants here in S'toon - Weczeria.  They wanted to add some privacy as they're situated right on Broadway and they get a lot of pedestrian traffic outside.  The employee who designed the window told me what kind of paint he used, and said he found the stencil online.

So I got on the interweb and started my search.  Just like my recent search for the perfect fabric for my bench, I'm drawn to geometric and Moorish designs.

Here are a few of my top picks.

Hollywood Squares

Marrakesh Trellis
Eight-pointed star

Chez Sheik
All stencils can be found at Royal Design Studio.

I'm a bit nervous I'll make a mess out of it, but the employee at Home Depot assured me that the frosted glass spray paint is water soluble, so if it turns out to be the dog's breakfast, I can wash it off and try again.

What's your favorite? Or...would you scrap the stencil and frost the whole window?
Will follow up with the results in a few weeks!

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Ronnie said...

Beautiful entryway! Can't wait to see how the project unfolds!