Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A lesson in fabric mark-up

I searched out some fabric samples for my bench today at Modern Country on Broadway.  The fabric prices were a lot easier to digest than the Calvin Klein fabric I had originally looked at. 

I've always liked Moorish patterns like this one. It came in a few different pastel colours, but although I love this pattern, I wish it came in some brighter, bolder colours.

This seemed like a great substitute for the pricey CK fabric, and it's about 15% of the price (about $45/yard)

And it comes in quite a few great colours...
I also asked for a price on the David Hicks fabric seen on the daybed below, knowing full well that it would be expensive simply because it's David Hicks.

The saleswoman told me the price was $80/yard.  Expensive, yes, but the fabric is so beautiful I could almost justify it. 

It sounded too good to be true, and it was. 

After giving me the quote she realized she was looking at the wholesale price, not the retail price.  The retail price happens to be about $177/yard.  I couldn't hide my disappointment as I had already mentally reupholstered the bench and it was perfection. 

In addition to the geometric and Moorish patterns, I'm also drawn towards some gorgeous ikat prints:

I should really be narrowing down my options at this point instead of broadening them. 

Will report back soon with the final choice.


Mary said...

Oh my God..... was the sales lady not at least a little embarrassed by the markup!? That's insane....

Jules said...

She really wasn't embarassed, which made me wonder if it's the wholesaler who sets the retail price for the retailer...going to ask around about this one. Insane is right.