Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In desperate search of furniture with potential

One of the more frustrating things about living in a small city is the lack of interesting Kijiji/Craigslist finds.  I've checked both websites quite frequently and they leave something to be desired. 

Craigslist is filled with ads for real bricks and mortar stores, and Kijiji seems to have an abundance of overstuffed furniture and really retro stuff...and I don't mean 'cool retro.'

I'm looking with an open mind for a TV console that could be re-purposed with new paint and/or new knobs before settling on buying something new...but I'm not having any luck.  My dream find would be something like this....

...that I could turn into this....

From the blog: Isabella & Max Rooms

Isn't it perfect?

I've been frequenting a local antique shop, but have yet to find something I can work with.  Josh and I plan on checking out an auction soon - something I have yet to try but am quite excited about.

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