Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Halifax's Hydrostone Market

Although I haven't lived in Nova Scotia in almost six years, I've been hearing a lot about Halifax's Hydrostone Market lately.  I had never been and was eager to check it out. My cousin and his wife just happen to live in the area so we decided to meet there for dinner during our trip. 

The Hydrostone earned themselves 2nd place in the 'Great Neighbourhoods' category in the Canadian Institute of Planners 'Great Places in Canada Contest' (that was a mouthful).  And guess what street won 3rd place for 'Great Streets' in Canada?  Our very own Broadway Avenue here in S'toon.

The Hydrostone Market was built in the aftermath of the Halifax Explosion as an example of an English style garden suburb.  In fact, something about it reminded me a bit of Coronation Street...

Here are a few pics I took...

Young Street is lined with cafes, restaurants and cute boutiques.  We had a fantastic sushi dinner at Hamachi Kita.

Loved the brightly painted wooden birds in this shop - but they're more suited to a cottage than our house.

My friend Sylvia from Sephie's Kitchen recently told me about square foot gardening and this was my first sight of it.  I love that they've maximized the space by adding a vertical trellis.
Much of the housing is attached in groups of four units.  I fell in love with the renovated house on the left.
I love that the owners chose to paint the front door a bold lime green, and how the chairs on the porch match the day lilies.
The concrete blocks used to build the homes were actually called Hydro-Stone.  Many of the homeowners have covered up the original concrete with siding, but here is one that hasn't been.

Many of the homeowners have fantastic gardens - everything is very green.

There was a really strong community feel as we walked the streets.  Many of the neighbours stopped to talk to one another/walk their dogs together/hold impromptu playdates with their kids, etc. 

I love the ecclectic mix of housing and the how the commercial district is within walking distance.  Come to think about it, that's the exact same formula as our fantastic neighbourhood here in Saskatoon.

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