Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A day at the auction

On Saturday, Josh and I went to our first auction. 

It definitely wasn't what we expected, but it was a ton of fun.  I pictured it being similar to the auctions you see in the movies - the people are dressed glamorously and the items up for bid are rare antiques, art, jewellery, etc. 

Remember the scene from Sex and the City?  That's what I had imagined. With the exception of the guy in the bow tie....I have yet to see a bow tie on anyone in S'toon. 

The items up for sale on Saturday where actually new, for the most part.  A lot of them were Costco returns, or items that were intact but had damaged packages.  Up on the block were bulk foods, toiletries, truck accessories, outdoor furniture and lighting, generators, the list goes on.  What we went for was the furniture, but we didn't see any we liked.  

I can see how people get into trouble at auctions, as there's an energy to it that just sucks you right in.  There were a few people that bought a lot of things I'd consider junk, and I envisioned their houses being fit for an episode of Hoarders. 

We did get in on the action - buying an Electrolux vacuum for $25, and eight toothbrushes for $11.   The vacuum works well and I know it retails for about $100 so we got a great deal.  A lot of people laugh at the bulk toothbrush purchase, but you never know when you'll have overnight guests forget theirs at home.

Although we were disappointed in the furniture, we'll visit more auctions in the future.  The auction houses list the items for sale the day before the auction, and because that list had a lot of household items, we wrongly assumed it was an estate sale.  Next time, we'll do our homework beforehand so we know what we're getting into.

Have you gotten any auction action lately?

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