Saturday, August 13, 2011

Before and After - Bella Porte Citrine Curtains

Our curtain rods arrived this week and I was just itchin’ to get our curtain panels up as they had arrived over a month ago – we just hadn’t had any luck finding the right rods in-store so we ended up getting ‘somewhat custom’ rods.  

We needed something sturdy (as the curtains are heavy) but not too thick as they would have to fit through a 3” rod pocket, as opposed to the large loops that come with tab curtains.  I also didn’t want a big fancy finial on the ends as I wanted the rod to be flush against the wall. I needed simple end caps. These didn’t seem to exist at Rona, Home Depot, etc.

We ended up ordering the rods through Christine who did our blinds.  The supplier only sells to the trades, so she placed our order and we picked them up ourselves and installed them today.  By ‘somewhat custom’ I mean that the rods only came in 5’ and 8’ sections, so we bought two 8’ rods and Josh shortened them himself with his metal grinder.

I’m pretty impressed with myself (and with Josh's handyman skills) as I think they look pretty freakin’ fabulous.  It’s so hard to find off-the-shelf panels with a nice pattern (although we’ve had luck with Ikea in the past) that they almost look custom made.  They also do a great job of accentuating our 9’ ceilings. 
Here's our before and after:
Sans curtains
A really nice bonus was that they were the perfect height - no need to get out the sewing machine!
The first point in Jonathan Adler’s fantastic manifesto is, “We believe that your home should make you happy.” I agree, and our home does just that. It’s a beautiful summer day and my bike is calling me, but I’m so smitten right now I almost don’t want to leave.


kristen s. said...

Wow! Those drapes make such an impact in your room. It looks fantastic.

I was googling images of drapes in that fabric (I am planning to make them myself and wanted to see real life pictures before taking on the task). So glad your blog came up in my search!

Jules said...

Thanks Kristen! We love how they soften up the room and add a nice hit of colour.

That's great that you're making them yourself - I'm glad you were able to find my photo :)