Thursday, August 25, 2011

All I want for Christmas

December is months away but I've already started my Christmas wish list.

Last year I did a post about some of my favorite screen prints, and this was one of them.

As the UK company, Bold & Noble, didn't have one of Canada, Ireland was the next best thing as I spent a year there in 2005.

A few months ago I noticed they started to slowly expand their line when a map of the U.S. popped up.

Then one of London which I think is pretty cool:

Then New Zealand got their own map...

Japan, Italy, France, Australia and Cornwall came later.

And finally....drum roll please.....

CANADA!!!! (also comes in navy blue)
I was SO excited to see Canada added to the collection.  I can't wait to get my hands on one and spend several minutes just reading all the names of the cities/towns that make up the map.    I love the mixture of fonts and how the size of the type seems to be in proportion to the size of the population. 

Josh...are you taking notes?  ;)


Mommajay said...

Hey Juba! Your post reminded me of the art hanging in my brother's front hall. He's got the Toronto poster by You're right, you can't help standing there just reading all the names. I think you've stumbled me onto a great gift idea for you-know-who in my family. Go NZ!

Jules said...
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Jules said...

Hey Mommajay! :)

I just checked out cool!! Now I just need them to make a poster for S'toon! Or Ottawa....or Halifax :)

After looking a little closer at the maps, I take back my comment about the font size being in proportion to the population, as Great Bear Lake is quite large, and on the US map I can't even see NYC!

sylvia said...

love it!! i want a canada one too!! :D