Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wheat Kings & Pretty Things

I bought myself a pressie today and I didn't feel any of the typical personal-pressie-buying guilt I usually do as it was a requirement for an upcoming class I'm taking. After a few years of poking around in camera stores, I've finally bought myself a tripod.

My peony - first picture taken with the tripod.

On Sunday I start a week-long photography course and a tripod was one of the many things on the equipment list to drain my bank account.

After receiving the course outline I quickly realized that my decision to enrol was a tad masochistic. My eyes scanned the daily schedule....

Monday: Arrive at 4:30 am for sunrise shooting
Tuesday: Arrive at 4:30 am for sunrise shooting
Wednesday: Arrive at 4:30 am for sunrise shooting

You get the picture. For six straight days I'll be rising at 3:30am and we stay every evening to shoot in the sunset as well.  The sun doesn't set in Saskatchewan until nearly 10:30 pm.  What have I gotten myself into?

Regardless, I'm super excited to learn a few tricks and to edumacate myself on how to use Photo Shop.

I'll try to use my new-found 'skills' to show that there's more to Saskatchewan than just fields of wheat.   For starters, we don't just have wheat, we have fantastic yellow fields of canola.

We have double rainbows all the way across the sky...

We have deer so friendly they take up residence under your cottage deck.  Or, if you're a gardener like my mother-in-law, you consider the ubiquitous creatures to be kleptomaniacs as they make your flowers and veggies mysteriously disappear.

We have gorgeous lakes complete with Canada Geese and their offspring. Just don't get too close to the goslings or they'll turn on you. The combination of the hissing and charging is the stuff of my nightmares. Black tongues are just unnatural.

Hopefully ten days from now my photography skills will improve enough to justify the draining of aforementioned bank account.  I'll post some of the better pictures on my return. 

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Sephie said...

can't wait to see your photos!!!!