Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pedalling for Pinot

Tomorrow morning I set off on a three day bike trip on P.E.I. with my Aunt Mary. 

She's an experienced biker.

I am not. 

The longest distance I've biked since moving to Saskatoon is from my house to the wine store

I used to buy only two bottles of wine per trip as it was all I could fit in my back pack. However, this handy little bike wine rack made by Montrealer Jesse Herbert would allow me to bring one more bottle home in style....if I had a frame with a horizontal bar.  Unfortunately I have a ladies hybrid Trek bike with no bar on which to hang this stylish leather rack.

Instead, I now have two panniers from Detours which should serve me well in both P.E.I. and my daily, weekly trips to buy wine. I figure I can now bring home four bottles at once - two in each pannier. 

I've noticed that biking and drinking often go hand in hand in my life. 

The longest distance I've ever biked is a 60 km tour of part of Lake Neusiedler in Austria.  Josh and I took a whole day to bike through the vineyards - stopping to take photos, eat schnitzel and drink deliciously sweet sturm (an unfermented wine). Our Austrian hosts - more than twice our age - had a good laugh when we came home at sundown - this was a bike trip they would typically finish within four hours.

This P.E.I. trip will be about 125 km long (25 km on day one, and about 50 km on days two and three).  I have my shammies, muscle relief pills and sunscreen packed...but I'm not sure that I'm prepared. 

I'll report back on my return. 

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