Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kenderdine Photos

At long last, here are a few photos I took at my photography course last week. After reducing the size and compressing, they lose a bit of the clarity and contrast, but otherwise they are far too large to upload.

Josh and I were joking about giving them pretentious names like you see in art galleries sometimes.  I read a great quote on the interweb about this which I will paraphrase due to the poor grammar and spelling in the original quote,

When someone makes beautiful art, it does not give them license to name it something ridiculous. If it is a picture of a flower, name it flower. It may be pretty, but it is a flower, not a window of feelings!

Instead of giving them pretentious names, I realized that you can name almost any photo after a Beatles song title (or a paraphrased title).  A photo of the sun rising was Here comes the sun, a photo of a black bird gets called's pretty simple.  Then I got to the photos of the farm equipment and got lazy...the Beatles didn't say much about bucolic settings.  I was disappointed that I am the Walrus and Octopus's Garden just didn't seem to fit  without sounding completely ridiculous so I got lazy and gave up.

So here you have it...some with titles, some without.

Abandoned swather

Mr. Moonlight

Canola Fields Forever

This is Saskatchewan's flower - the Western Red Lily

Swather Cab

There goes the sun

From a Window

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