Sunday, July 24, 2011

Canada's Ocean Playground

It still hasn't really hit me that I have a brand new home in a brand new province.  Sometimes I think about my old job in Ottawa and imagine myself going back to the office and picking up where I left off. It doesn't help that we still own a condo in Ottawa.  However, after two sales fell through on financing we found a buyer who has been approved by the bank and the sale closes on August 15...phew!
Made great use of Photoshop's 'liquify' tool

The change of address really hit home when I got my new Saskatchewan drivers license in the mail last week.  I opened it up and realized that I now have a legal document that shows I'm a full-fledged Saskatchewanian.  I keep trying to say Saskatchewanite...but I'm told this is wrong.  Josh can't complain though as after his four years in Nova Scotia he still doesn't believe that someone from Halifax is a Haligonian...he prefers the term 'Halifaxian.' The spell check on Blogger is even trying to tell me that all those terms are wrong...except Halifaxian.

I'm in Nova Scotia visiting family now and it still feels like coming home even though I don't visit Dartmouth anymore. Instead, I head to my parent's cottage on the Northumberland Strait. 

After my parents picked me up at the airport, we drove to Halifax for dinner at il Mercato (where I consumed as much seafood as I possibly could [pasta w/lobster, shrimp, mussels and scallops]). On our way to the restaurant, we made a quick stop downtown to look at kayaks and the fresh air just hit me when we got out the the car.  We used to joke that the Halifax Harbour scent was, 'eau de toilette,' but this time it was just that familiar salty, moist smell.  I didn't realize how much I missed it.

When people in Saskatchewan ask me where I'm from, I'm quick to say Nova Scotia.  Sometimes they don't understand.  Last week, someone asked me, "If you're from Nova Scotia, why don't you have an accent?" I answered that I'm not a Caper or from the South Shore...and I hadn't lived there for five years anyway.  When I'm outside of Saskatchewan and people ask where I'm from, it's hard to keep it to a Coles Notes version.

"Well, I'm from Nova Scotia, but just moved to Saskatoon after spending five years in Ottawa." 

Will it get to the point where I'll spare them and just say that I'm from Saskatchewan? How long does someone have to live somewhere to be able to say they are from that place, if it's not the place they grew up?

I'm not sure...but for now, here are some pictures I've taken this weekend of Canada's Ocean Playground.

A long way down

Eddie Spagetti is as sure footed as a mountain goat on the rocks


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