Friday, July 8, 2011

Bench Makeover

A few years ago my parents gave us an antique bench they no longer had a place for.  I've always liked the style, but the velvety yellow and green damask fabric desperately needs an update. 

I've also considered painting the wood - much to the chagrin of a few people who believe it's a faux pas to paint an antique. But hey - if I'll enjoy it more, why not? 

I called a local upholstery company a few weeks ago and they were already booking into late August.  I didn't have a fabric chosen yet, so at this rate it will probably be early fall before my bench gets a makeover.  If I didn't want piping, I'd reupholster it myself.  Intricate details are best left to the professionals. 

They quoted me $75 for labour and $15 for a new foam insert.  They thought I'd need about a yard of fabric and the prices start at $35/yard.

I always feel a little overwhelmed when picking a fabric as there is just so much choice I can never seem to pick just one favorite.

Here were a few of my top picks from the Kravet website:

I love the lime and teal colours in this damask
Love the blue version too!
Or maybe a pop of purple instead...

Here's the damask again, with a lovely rainbow stripe fabric. The damask is 100% silk but they are all upholstery fabrics.

A close up of the  striped fabric

Maybe a zebra print would spice it up?

Although this one doesn't add a pop of colour, I LOVE the geometric print.  It's by Calvin Klein Home.

I asked the upholsterer if she had the above fabric in stock.  She didn't, but she ordered me a swatch - it arrived this week, and we picked it up yesterday.

Originally I thought the colour was black and beige, but in person it's more of an espresso and beige.  Had it been black, I would have considered painting the wood gold.  Now that I see the actual colour I think I'll leave the wood alone if I go with this print.

I'm tempted to a get a few more swatches, just to be sure.  I have an innate ability to second guess myself. 

It's very possible the damasks are too large a print for something small like the although I love them, I think I'll have to rule them out.


Mary said...

Not to confuse you since you seem to be leaning towards the damasks and geometric patterns. But I LOVE the striped fabric with the bright colours! Simple yet classy. So pretty. Probably also $805,537/yard though, right?

Jules said...

I still love this one too. I'm going to pick out my top 2-3 and get the prices, and if I'm still stuck, I'll ask for some swatches to be brought in so I can hold them up against the bench. I almost forgot about this striped one...I think it would look great, especially if I gave the bench a fresh coat of paint with it. I don't think it was by some big name designer so perhaps it wouldn't be too pricey...