Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Short List - TV Consoles

In our last home, we kept our TV hidden inside my father's old armoire. In our new home, the armoire just doesn't seem to belong. I considered painting it and adding new hardware, but the existing hardware is quite large so it would be difficult to find something modern that would cover up the original pull and knob holes.

I've always tried to keep the TV out of sight whenever possible - not wanting it to be a focal point.  It always seems that in the most beautifully decorated rooms on TV and in magazines there is nary a cathode ray tube or plasma screen to be seen.

Our new home was wired so that we could install our TV above our fireplace in the living room, which isn't something Josh and I were keen to do.  It seems far too high - my neck hurts just thinking about it.

For the moment, the TV cable runs out from under our new painting above the mantle and stretches to the left of the fireplace. We'll have an electrician run wires through the basement ceiling to bring the cable through the wall. 

It appears our problem isn't unique.  Our home is a duplex and our neighbours next door had the same conundrum.  They didn't want a TV above the mantle either and instead scrapped it completely on the main floor. Any TV watching is done in their basement.

So for now, our TV sits on an old coffee table that was a hand-me-down from my parents.  A few years ago we painted it white and added glass tiles where two glass panes used to be. 

This coffee table just isn't going to cut it in the long run, so I've been on the lookout for a nice TV console and I've resigned myself to the fact that the TV will not be hidden away anymore. Anything tall enough to hide the TV would cover up the window behind it.

Here is my TV console short list:
Jonathan Adler's 'Claude Modular System'
Vancouver-based Christian Woo's Low Profile 4.0 (the band of colour also comes in blue, green or white)

I snapped this photo at local furniture store 'Sew & Home'. It's a bit tall as it's more of a buffet than a console, but the legs could be shortened.
Pier 1's Mei Flat Screen Stand

I'm not sure why Pier 1 doesn't show a photo of the unit with the doors closed as I think the nicest feature is the gold circle on the front. I found this photo on Craigslist (unfortunately it was their Las Vegas site, not Saskatoon).

I think the Jonathan Adler or the Christian Woo might suit the decor best.  I love how glam the mirrored console looks, but I'm not sure the rest of our furniture would mesh well with it. 

The Mei flat screen stand looks much better in person than in the above photo - I saw it at the local Pier 1 a few months ago.  I've been coveting this Asian style of furniture ever since I visited my aunt and uncle in the Gulf Islands.  They had a gorgeous piece similar to the photo below - these units are often referred to as Chinese Wedding Chests.

As usual, I'm all over the map again with styles and price points.

What are your thoughts?  Should I go modern, glam or a little eclectic with the Mei?  Do you prefer to keep your TV hidden away or out on display?


Sephie said...

our friend has this fantastic contraption where her tv slides up and down out of a cabinet.. very high tech.. and probably very expensive too!!

Jules said...

Sounds pretty high tech & expensive! I wouldn't even know where you'd find something like that...must be custom made...