Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Secret Powder Room

Now that we have twice as much square footage as our Ottawa condo, we have a lot of empty space.  Although I'm impatient to fill the space (must be my nesting instinct), I know I'm better off to wait it out to find that perfect piece of furniture.  Instead of running off to Ikea, I've decided to save up for quality pieces that will last a lifetime.  One of my favorite quotes when it comes to decorating is, "buy once and buy well."

 Once we have a few key pieces of furniture that we're missing - a proper bed for the guestroom, a console to put our tv on (it's currently sitting on a coffee table) - I'll be eager to put my own mark on our new home.  I intend to start small - by adding a bit of glam to our powder room. 

When I told Josh my intentions his response was, "we have a powder room???"

This is our powder room Josh - it's just off the kitchen
I'm like a dog with a bone in that I haven't given up on my obsession with wallpaper.  As it's a small room the cost shouldn't be too prohibitive - although the ceilings are 9' high.

The paper I'm lusting over at the moment is by Cole & Son - it's called Pompeian.

The builder of our home installed a large mirror that stretches all the way from the vanity to about a foot below the ceiling. Although it makes the room look bigger, I'm more into framed mirrors for powder rooms.

My long-term plan is to remove the mirror, sell it on Kijiji, and hang something a little more polished like this mirror from Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams.

I'd also add a couple sconces - the current light source is just one pot light.

Here are a couple I'd consider (although the finish would have to match the mirror frame, taps and towel bars).

I'm all over the map with traditional, modern and industrial here.

Universal Lighting

Jonathan Adler

Universal Lighting
The last two might have a bit too much 'going on' and a simpler look might be preferable if I choose a busy wallpaper. The diamond shapes in the second sconce would complement the diamonds in the wallpaper above.

For the pièce de résistance, I'd add some black and white photography.  No need to add colour with art if the walls are already a sunny yellow. 

I'm taking a week-long photography course soon, so hopefully I'll learn enough tricks to hang my own work in the future. If I flunk out, I can always buy some gorgeous prints from the Condé Nast Store.

Brazillian Garden - Conde Nast

The Guggenheim - Conde Nast Store


Sephie said...

i'm going to have to steal some ideas for my powder room!!!! :P

Jules said...

Do it!! And send me your 'after' pictures!

Jules said...

How long have you been in your house now? I remember you said you'd have to wait a year before painting/wallpapering, etc...