Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mirror Makeover / Teal Takeover

It's been awhile since I've delved into any DIY projects. The other day Josh and I were discussing how I'm more of a 'thinker' than a 'doer.' I come up with these big plans, get excited about them, and then do...well, nothing.  Josh is the 'doer' whereas I'm more of a dreamer.

I decided it was time to change.  We had been settled in our new house for almost a month and our living room still contained a mirror sheathed in bubble wrap leaning up against the wall.  My parents recently downsized and didn't have space for the mirror anymore so I was happy to take it off their hands.

It was a tad too ornate for my liking, but I figured that a coat of bright paint might bring it new life.

Mirror BEFORE: a bit too fancy pants for my liking
That weekend I made a 'to do' list which included a trip to the local hardware store to buy paint.  I already had two swatches from Martha Stewart I had been mulling over. I loved the bold teal colour and the sunny yellow and was having a hard time choosing between the two.
Araucana Teal and Egg Yolk by Martha Stewart Living

As if by fate, I came across this photo in my House & Home magazine.  Michael Penney, a style editor for the magazine, used Araucana Teal to update the console in his front entry. I was happily suprised to see that it was the exact same paint chip that caught my attention at Home Depot and that it added a nice pop of colour to the room.  My choice was made.

This past weekend, with fresh paint in hand, I covered the mirror in newspaper and learned a new skill - how to use a paint sprayer.

The paint sprayer saves a lot of time and creates a smooth finish - no brush strokes here!

The finished product
I'm super happy with the mirror and it fit perfectly on top of my dresser in our closet.  The mirror is incredibly heavy and would have required putting large holes in the wall to hang it up. Not wanting to fill our new house full of big holes, I simply leaned it against the wall.

I lucked out when it it came to accessorizing.  The teal cake plate with my jewellery was found at The Bay for $10. It's a gorgeous Asian-inspired print by Maxwell Williams and the colour matches perfectly.  The line is called Kimono.  They have matching mugs and tea cups which I'm tempted to run back and buy.
I found the beautiful teal glass tumbler at a store I recently discovered downtown called Willow Studio. It's made of hand-blown glass and can be used as a bud vase, candle holder, drinking glass, etc. They are made by a company called glass.ful and come in a rainbow of colours.

This picture from their website makes me want to run out and buy a few more colours.


Sephie said...

gorgeous!! love it!! you need to come and help me decorate.. :P

Jules said...

Thanks Syl!

Mary said...

Haha! Seriously, we are kindrid spirits. I have been *talking* about painting some old furniture pieces for awhile now. I've been looking for a dining room cabinet on Craigslist/Kijiji in hopes of freshening up an old one. Found this cool site last week: You should submit your mirror!
I'm very interested in the paint sprayer! Did you buy one?

Jules said...

Very cool website!! That's the kind of site that gives me inspiration to check out Kijiji/antique stores and find more things to beautify! And I totally want to check out an auction sometime soon - never been - have you?? I'm sure there are great ones in Toronto (and more variety on Kijiji)!

Josh bought the paint sprayer and an air compressor to go with it. The only problem was that the air compressor wasn't very big, so I often had to pause while it 'refueled' itself...if that makes sense. So if we were to do it again we'd buy a BIGGER air compressor. Not sure if I explained that right...Josh knows the ins and outs of these tools a little more than I do!