Monday, June 20, 2011

In search of a headboard

We have family coming to visit this week and until a few days ago, our guest bedroom was devoid of any furniture.  We were lucky enough to borrow a queen-sized bed frame, box spring and mattress from my in-laws just in time for our guest's arrival.  The only thing we're missing now is a headboard.

As I mentioned earlier, I've been lusting over a bed at Crate & Barrel. However, if I could get my hands on a fantastic headboard, that just might suffice instead of a brand new bed.

Here are a few interesting pieces I've come across.

I love how this headboard wraps around the bed - so cosy! (Apartment Therapy)

Again with the nail head trim - I just love the detailing. 

This is not a look I'd go for, but it was an interesting approach - the homeowner painted an outline of a headboard on her wall. Quite a cost effective solution! (Apartment Therapy)


Mary said...

Julie! Haven't read your blog in a long time, but decided to catch up today! Love the new blog. I can't believe how similar our tastes are. I've been looking for a bed too (to replace the Malm, haha), and I've been looking for an upholstered headboard to warm up the room a bit and make it cosier. I had seen that bed at Crate & Barrel and liked it. I'm dying to find one that wraps around a bit, like the first one yo posted. I'll bet you also like this one which I've had my eyes on:

Jules said...

Hey Mary! Thanks for checking out the blog!

I've gotten a little better at regular posting...although I haven't in a few days as I have family visiting for the week.

Wow - love that headboard! It's rare that I see JUST the headboard for sale without the base...very reasonable price too! That wraparound headboard in my post was custom made in California...I have a feeling it was pretty pricey seeing as how gorgeous & intricate it is...but I'm thinking of showing the picture to an upholsterer to get a quote.

It's such a crazy feeling when you come across another person with the same tastes eh? I came across a design blog recently and thought, 'wow...this person is ME...I am HER!' Will look up the link and send it to you as you'll probably feel the same way!

m said...

Check this out! I never thought I'd be sending anyone a link for something at Sears....

Would love to see the other design blog you found! But it can DEFINITELY wait until the family has left. Enjoy, no rush!

Jules said...

Wow...that looks exactly like the Crate & Barrel one - for less than half the price! Might have to pop into my local Sears and inquire about it! Thanks!

gai said...

Julie, I am betting that you could do-it-yourself for so little cash!
I'm not sure how to attach a photo, but I have upholstered a plywood form with striped canvas, and it was dead easy, cost about $25.

Jules said...

Hi gai! I was tempted to do it myself...but then caved and bought an upholstered bed frame just this weekend. Will post it tomorrow :)