Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Special Delivery

I've never been so excited to see the postman.

A few weeks ago he dropped off a package I had been eagerly anticipating - our Union Jack painting that my aunt Mary made for us. I tore through the bubble wrap and paper and just grinned like a fool for several minutes.

Mary used a lot of materials to create texture and interest - this is a picture of it before the paint is applied.
I love the raised damask wallpaper, dragonfly cut-out and the Warhol banana :)

Another thing I love about it is how the painting stretches around all four sides of the canvas - no need to frame!

Mary added a few other really nice touches - my initals are on the bottom, and Josh's are on the top - but my favorite thing about it is my late Uncle Boog's old credit cards.  Mary's fantastic use of recycling is a wonderful reminder of Boog's sparkling personality.  As one of the rules he lived by was to, 'always reach for the bill,' it conjures up an image of his generosity.

Our original Lottridge proudly hangs over the mantle

The artist at work

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