Monday, May 16, 2011

Game changer

It's come to my attention that I need a new name and a new direction for the blog. I've moved from O-town to Toon town and I'm all reno'd out.  As I mentioned in a previous post, after three years of fixer uppers, we bought a new house. Translation: no more doing dishes in the bathroom sink. We can spend our weekends at the lake - not in the city covered in drywall dust.

We don't have walls to put up or tear down, but we do have a lot of decorating to do to make this house feel like a home, so the new blog focus will be on the whole design/decorating process.

My first dilemma was deciding just how modern our furnishings should be. The actual design and finishing products (such as the metallic kitchen tiles above) are quite modern so originally I felt all our furniture would have to be uber modern as well.

After reading an article in House & Home recently, I've changed my outlook.  The article was about an expat Canadian who purchased a beautiful old Victorian home in New York state. She thought, "It's Victorian, we can only do X."  But her designer assured her should didn't have to narrow her options. 

You often hear that as long as you buy things you absolutely love, it'll all work together somehow.  I'm going to subscribe to that theory from now on.

Not that I'm about to start hanging little wooden signs that say, 'backdoor friends are best,' but I am going to try mixing in some classic pieces - they don't all have to be modern.

I feel like these accent tables were made for me as they are called "Jules." They are perfectly described on the website, "reminiscent of a French flea market find."

Jules accent tables - Crate and Barrel

I swear I'm not being paid by Crate & Barrel - I just happen to love a lot of their furniture at the the bed below.  Definitely not a modern piece, but a classic look that will always be in style. And we need a new bed now that we have two guest bedrooms...
Colette Bed - Crate and Barrel
Love the nail head trim!

I also have an antique upholstered bench my parents gave us, that I will update with some new fabric, and maybe paint the wood.  The bench can be seen below behind the dining room table.

 The bed purchase will have to wait until I'm gainfully employed.  As for the tables, I'll have to wait until we make a trip to Calgary (the nearest C&B store) or check out the cost to have them delivered to Saskabush.


Sephie said...

there's a C&B store in Calgary?!?!? what?!? didn't think they were in canada!

Jules said...

Yup! There's also one in Toronto (Yorkdale Shopping Centre), and another just opened at Square One in Mississauga. If only they'd come to S'toon now...

Sephie said...

or ottawa...