Monday, March 28, 2011

Ottawa Interiors

I recently dropped $10 on the 2011 Ottawa Magazine Interiors Edition.  It seemed like a lot to pay for a magazine, but as it provides a way for me to have a peek into my neighbour's homes, it's worth every penny for a nosy person like me.

In keeping with my desire to see what's behind Ottawa's closed doors, I dragged Josh along to the Glebe House Tour this summer. He was quite ambivalent about the whole idea - uncomfortable at the thought of wandering through a stranger's home like some sort of meddling interloper. He still came along as it was a beautiful day for a bike ride around the neighbourhood.

The homes were all stunning in their own way - they all seemed to belong on the pages of a design mag.  One of my favorites ended up on the cover of the aforementioned Ottawa Interiors Edition, and it was one of the reasons I was so quick to pay the $10 price tag.

I'm a big fan of the open staircase

This happened to be my favorite of the six homes - loved the large windows, flat roof and clean lines.

One of the details that really stuck with me was the glass-paned garage door separating the open-concept living/dining room from the back patio.  Lifting the door completely opens the back of the house to the outdoors. Come to think of it, can you really call it a garage door if it's not attached to the garage? 
Interior view of the garage door
This was one of the coolest features I came across during the house tour.  I'd love to incorporate this into some future home of mine, but with a move to Saskatoon coming up I'm not so sure it's a good idea considering those long, cold winters.  Ottawa has its fair share of days at -30, so I'm still scratching my head over how they keep the heat in.  Is it a case of form over function?

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Sephie said...

that is a really cool idea.. but i agree.. how do they keep their house warm in winter? maybe there is another layer that is pulled down in winter? who knows?